Surviving the Network News Wars

The dumbing down of network news.

In the 1990s, it was the scourge of journalistic integrity, an affliction that eroded public trust in reporters and their craft. The chase for ratings became more important than the pursuit of truth. America’s television networks sacrificed hard-news coverage to a hybrid strain of entertainment-oriented magazine shows.

In Risk and Redemption, award-winning foreign correspondent Arthur Kent reveals how he took the management of NBC News to court over these issues – and won.

First published in 1996, Risk and Redemption is now available in eBook format at amazon.com

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Immensely and sadly instructive in the changing values of the world of television, particularly as it concerns today’s television news magazines.
- David Halberstam, The Best and the Brightest and The Fifties
A fast-moving, heartening memoir which fully lives up to the premise and promise of its title.
- Norman Corwin, radio dramatist, writer and commentator
Anyone interested in what is happening in mass media, and its corrosive effect on the American body politic, must read this book.
- Sandy Socolow, executive producer, CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite