Who murdered spike dubs?

Follow the re-investigation of the Valentine’s Day, 1979 murder of one of the United States’ most beloved diplomats, Adolph “Spike” Dubs.


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THE BACKGROUND UNSOLVED MYSTERY Forty years later, so many questions remain unanswered. Who were the gunmen who kidnapped Spike and held him in room 117 of the Hotel Kabul? Why was the physical evidence “disappeared” after the crime? And, of greatest importance today, what about the Red flag that hangs over this unsolved mystery… THE BACKGROUND ENTER THE KGB Why did Soviet KGB officers take command of the Afghan Communist regime’s troops? Why did a Russian Colonel give the signal to storm the hotel room? And why did a cover-up commence immediately after Spike’s death? Listen in, as we track down the people who can best answer those questions, in: Who Murdered Spike Dubs? THE BACKGROUND Sergei Bakhturin now, and 40 years ago in Kabul. Lt. Colonel Sergei Bakhturin was the ranking Soviet KGB officer on the scene. He and other Russians not only advised troops of the Afghan Communist regime, they signalled the shooting to start. In Episode Two, we track down the former spy in Moscow and question him about the murder of Spike Dubs - the first time in 40 years he's been challenged to explain his actions. THE SEARCH FOR SERGEI THE BACKGROUND REVEALING THE KGB'S SECRETS In 1992, former KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin defected to the West with copies of top secret Soviet-era records. Among his revelations: how Russian spymasters covered up the truth about the killing of US Ambassador Spike Dubs. From ordering summary executions to planting false news reports, the KGB stopped at nothing to deceive and disinform. The KGB's Bakhturin & Osadchy; defector Vasili Mitrokhin THE BACKGROUND WHAT CAN FORENSICS TELL US? With the "official" Russian and regime accounts of Spike's murder discredited, can forensic science help solve the case? We speak with Lucien "Luke" Haag, one of the United States' most trusted firearms investigators. The corpses of the alleged "kidnappers" vanished, yet some vital evidence survives. And science has come a long, long way in 40 years. Two of the corpses put on display, then "disappeared."

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Arthur Kent

Come with journalist Arthur Kent as he tracks down and interviews eye-witnesses and the people who knew Spike best. Decide for yourself whether their testimony provides clues to this haunting mystery.
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We’ll look for answers to questions like these:

“Why did the Soviet Union refuse to cooperate with the American investigation? And why is the current Russian government content to let disinformation hide the truth?”

“Who were the kidnappers, and why didn’t they put any demands to the U.S. government?”

“Why did Russian and Afghan intelligence agencies “disappear” all the weapons, shell casings and other physical evidence from the scene?”

“After a barrage of machinegun fire, who shot the “phantom” pistol rounds determined to be the cause of death?”

    The evidence supports at least one preliminary conclusion. Some of the perpetrators are still alive. And after 40 years, they may well be ready to talk.