From the Archives: A View Of Bosnia

This is the Sky Reporter movie.

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It was a horrific throwback to the brutality of the World Wars more than half a century before, a vicious conflict that literally tore the heart and soul from what was once the nation of Yugoslavia.

Here are scenes from Arthur Kent’s cinematic short film, A View Of Bosnia.  The production was shot on Super 16mm film, edited, then optically enlarged to create 35mm exhibition prints, complete with Dolby Stereo and THX Surround Sound.  The film had its premiere at the Houston Worldfest International Film Festival in April of 1993, with a special screening on May 4th at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

The film won the Gold Award at Houston, with Arthur Kent also picking up the Kodak Award for best documentary cinematography.  A View Of Bosnia was featured at the 1993 Toronto Festival of Festivals and the New York Human Rights Film Festival.  Prints, along with the 35mm negative, are now part of the collection of Britain’s Imperial War Museum Film and Video Archive.

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